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15A16CB Tobruk bunkers x 3 (with optional tank turrets FT17 plus R35 APX) (15mm)


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15mm Vf58c Tobruk bunkers x 3 (with optional tank turrets FT17 + R35 APX)

This code includes 3 tobruk bunkers (one completely out of the ground, one half buried and one completely buried on a Fow-size medium base) that will give you the freedom to field them as you prefer or even include them in a larger terrain piece, board or table. Also included are two early war French tank turrets (a Renault FT17 with the 8 mm Hotchkiss machine gun and a R35 APX with the Puteaux SA 18 - 37mm gun) that were commonly used by the germans on such static fortifications, especially along the Atlantic Wall.

Any of the tobruk bunkers can be fitted with any of the turrets or with a standard infantry MG (not provided).
Supplied unpainted.

Additional Information

Date from 1939
Date to 1945