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15A25CB Medium Battery Emplacement (desert) (15mm)


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These very detailed 15mm scale reproductions are perfect for your medium artillery batteries and are specifically designed so that the space inside each one is large enough to accommodate one Flames of War medium base either front-on or sideways, which means they are also perfect to emplace mortars and HMGs!

This is a large pack that includes everything you need to fortify a full section of medium artillery, three large sandbag emplacements for the gun bases, one medium dug-in marker, a medium scenic base for the staff and a small one for Command, spotters, etc.

Designed for a North African setting these models are also perfect for the Pacific theatre and for Vietnam, just add plenty of jungle foliage and flock!

Like all the models in this range, the pieces are made from tough polyurethane and are supplied unpainted.

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Date from 1939
Date to 1945