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15CHP Chinese Pavilion (15mm)


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This ancient Chinese square pavilion is based on several surviving examples. It is designed to be used as a baggage element for any Chinese army and to fit on a standard 40mm x 40mm DBM baggage base. 

Traditionally, Chinese pavilions are small covered structures with little or no wall. They were initially erected at the roadside in the Warring States era, more than 2,200 years ago as shelters for soldiers.

After China was reunited under the Qin, a unified postal system was established and roadside pavilions were used for the government postmen on horseback as relay stations. They also provided travellers with a place to take a rest on a long journey and a shelter in poor weather.

Like all other models in this range it is made of tough polyurethane. It comes in a easy to assemble kit; the base and the roof size are approximately 36mm square, the roof itself is 20mm high without the separate top cap. The columns maximum height is 35mm but can be easily trimmed down to suit your needs.

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Date from -206
Date to 220