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28002CB Sandbag AT Gun Emplacement (28mm)


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This model accurately reproduces the depth and structure of a real gun emplacement and includes a small ammunition stock complete with a fuse setting station on top and a pile of discarded ammo boxes and used shells.

It is specifically designed to be used with heavy anti-tank guns, such as German 50mm (PaK 38) and 75mm (PaK 40 and PaK 41), American 3 inch M5s, Russian 45mm, ZiS-2 57mm, ZiS-3 and F-22 USV 76mm or British QF 6 and 17 pounders, although it can of course work for any gun of similar or smaller size and in virtually any theatre from WWII up to the most futuristic settings!

The gun position size is approximately 120mm x 70mm and the maximum height is 32mm. The figure shown is for size reference only and is not included but comes from the 1-48COMBAT range.