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28003CB Frontline Sentry Post (28mm)


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A typical sandbag strongpoint with a separate roof piece and two 'L' shaped sections of fortifications made with sandbags, piled over foundations of discarded boxes and drums filled with soil. Towards the end of the war, old tyres started to be piled on top of such fortifications for extra protection, a practice that proved very effective and it is still popular today.

The roof is a separate piece which can be left loose to make it easier placing figures inside or glued in place if you prefer. The covered position size is approximately 80mm x 60mm and the height is 60mm with the roof on. It can hold comfortably two large figures on 25mm round or square bases.

The two sandbagged sections are 90mm x 75mm and 90mm x 70mm respectively, both approximately 30mm high. The figure shown is for size reference only and not included but is from the 1-48COMBAT range.

Designed to provide a small stronghold in a box, this product can be used for pretty much any conflict from WWII up to the most futuristic settings!