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28JDA Jean D'Arc Burning at the Stake (28mm)


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This rather impressive model (the top of the pole is over 75mm high!) is designed to represent the Maid of Orleans (and as such would be suitable for a Burgundian army camp!), but can of course be used for any burning at the stake.....

As a form of capital punishment, burning has a long history as a method of despatch for treason, heresy and witchcraft and fell into disfavour among authorities only as recently as the late 18th Century.

This pack includes a massive resin pyre in two parts and a matching pewter female figure chained to the stake, suitable for most historical periods. The upper part of the pyre can be used alone for a less imposing effect and the figure itself has a standard sized tag that will fit in most slotted bases. This figure would be perfectly suited for use as a captive in any scenario or pulp game!