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(1:285) 3C6 US Marines

A company pack of US Marines containing the following; twenty three infantry, five Command, six M-60s, two 81mm mortars, six 60mm mortars, two stingers, four .50 calibre heavy machine guns, two SMAW and eight Dragon ATGMs.


Infantry 401 x23,
Command 402 x5,
M-60s 403 x6,
81mm mortars 404 x2,
60mm mortars 405 x6,
Stingers 406 x2,
.50 calibre heavy machine guns 407 x4,
SMAW 408 x2 and
Dragon ATGMs 409 x8.

Additional Information

Date from 1946
Date to Present
Bases per pack No
Base description No
Figures per pack No
Base Size 1 No
Price of book and army No
Rule System No