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AC82 SBD-5 Douglas Dauntless (1:285)


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This pack contains a single SBD-5 Dauntless.

The Scout Bomber Douglas or SBD Dauntless was the mainstay scout and dive bomber in American service from 1940 to 1944. It was used by the US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Army Air Force, French Air Force and Naval Air Force and New Zealand Air Force.

The greatest impact of the Dauntless came at Midway where, following the destruction of the US torpedo squadrons, dive bomber squadrons from US carriers sank all four Japanese aircraft carriers and an armoured cruiser. It is interesting to note that a USMC (marine) squadron flying from Midway Island, which had not been trained in dive bombing, used glide bombing techniques instead with no effect.

The 1,000 Lb. bomb carried by the Dauntless was a ship killer against anything up to a battleship. The Dauntless had a maximum speed of 255mph and an operational range of 1,115 miles.

A land version was also operated, the A-24 Banshee.

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Date from 1939
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