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ADM3 Army of Salah Ah-Din, 1000 Points (10mm)

A 10mm Army of Salah Ah-Din suitable for Warmaster Medieval Armies and other systems, containing the following packs, where each pack represents a unit:

SOS15 x1 Command,

SOS5/7/10 x3 Faris (cavalry),

SOS6/9/11/12 x2 horse archers,

STP2 x1 Kurdish horsemen,

SOS1&3 x3 spearmen and

AMQ1 x2 archers.


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SOS15 x1,

SOS5/7/10 x3,

SOS6/9/11/12 x2,

STP2 x1,

SOS1&3 x3 and

AMQ1 x2.

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Rule System Warmaster Ancients and Medieval