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ADW12 Sassanid Defensive Army, 1000 Points (10mm)

This 10mm Sassanid Defensive Army is suitable for Warmaster Ancients and other systems. It contains the following packs, where packs correspond to one unit:

SAS10 x1 Command,

SAS6 x4 Levy infantry,

SAS7 x4 Levy archers,

SAS8 x2 slingers,

SAS9 x1 skirmishers,

SAS1 x1 Later Sassanid Cataphract,

SAS2a x2 Clibanarii, full mail and

SAS3 x1 Light cavalry/horse archers/javelin.


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SAS10 x1,

SAS6 x4,

SAS7 x4,

SAS8 x2,

SAS9 x1,

SAS1 x1,

SAS2a x2 and

SAS3 x1.

Additional Information

Rule System Warmaster Ancients and Medieval