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ADW3 Augustan / Tiberian Roman Army, 1000 Points (10mm)

This 10mm Augustan/Tiberian Roman Army is suitable for Warmaster Ancients and contains the following packs, each pack corresponding to one unit:

LEG1 x1 Roman Command,

LEG7b x4 Augustan Legion standing,

LEG3e x1 Marian Legion with gladius,

GAU4 x2 Celtic warband/infantry,

GHO7 x1 Cretan archers,

NMD2 x1 Numidian javelinmen,

AUX2 x1 Auxiliary cavalry, coffin shields,

GAU2 x1 cavalry and

AMC7 x1 Alexandrian bolt throwers.


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LEG1 x1,

LEG7b x4,

LEG3e x1,

GAU4 x2,

GHO7 x1,

NMD2 x1,

AUX2 x1,

GAU2 x1 and

AMC7 x1.

Additional Information

Rule System Warmaster Ancients and Medieval