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AUC10 Roman Unarmoured Legionnaires or Antesignani Standing with Pilum (15mm)


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This pack contains eight Roman unarmoured legionnaires standing with pilum or Antesignani (four poses).

Often the need to gain a numerical advantage resulted in hastily raised and poorly equipped units taking the field to bolster the size of the army. Such newly recruited raw legionnaries were usually kept back in reserve or to defend the camp. At times legionaries voluntarily discarded their heavy lorica hamata to run, march faster over extended periods or cross difficult terrain.

Antesignani were elite legionnaires trained to fight outside the heavy infantry’s battle formation in a support role. They were Armed with spears, several light javelins, retained the gladius and the shield, but they were more lightly armoured to increase mobility. For all these situations these figures are just perfect and can also be used for 'imitation legionnaries'.