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AUC12 Gallic Cavalry with Sword (15mm)


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This pack contains four Gallic cavalry with swords.

From the De Bello Gallico, it is known that Julius Caesar had a Germanic bodyguard (although he might not have been the first Roman general who did) which was most likely equipped with Roman and Gallic armour and was probably even been somehow coerced into using Gallic saddles which would have given them a distinct practical advantage. Caesar makes clear that the Germans scorned such aids as a sign of weakness, “in their eyes it is the height of effeminacy and shame to use a saddle and they do not hesitate to engage the largest force of cavalry riding saddled horses, however small their own number may be.”

As well as adding variety to the Gallic cavalry ranks, these figures are perfect if you believe that the famous personal loyalty to their leader took precedence over tradition!