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AUC14 Balearic Funditores (slingers) (15mm)


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This pack contains eight Balearic Funditores (slingers).

Of all the mercenary slingers, the Balearians were regarded as the very best, having been trained for this from early boyhood. It is said that Balearic mothers did not allow their sons to eat until they had knocked their bread off a wall from a fair distance away!

The slings they used were made from hair and animal sinew and, as adult warriors, each slinger carried three types for use at different ranges. Many slingers standing together produced a wave of shot that pierced armour and shattered bone, making them deadlier than even the very best archers.

In point of fact, the Roman general Lucius Aemilius Paullus took a mortal wound to the head from slingshot during the opening minutes of the catastrophic Battle of Cannae.