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AUC18 Numidian Command (15mm)


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This pack contains two Numidian mounted Command (one Officer, one musician) and two Numidian foot Command (one Officer and one musician).

At the end of the Second Punic War (218-201 BC), Massinissa, king of the Massylii, defeated Syphax of the Masaesyli and unified Numidia into one kingdom.

The kingdom began as a sovereign state, but by 112 BC, Jugurtha (an illegitimate grandson of Massinissa) incurred the wrath of Rome by killing some Roman businessmen. War ensued and Jugurtha was executed by the Romans in 104 BC, after being paraded through the streets in Gaius Marius' Triumph.

After the death of Jugurtha the kingdom alternated between being a Roman province and a Roman client state. For centuries thereafter, the Roman army employed Numidian mercenaries, in particular light cavalry, mustered in separate units (equites Numidarum or Maurorum).