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BV413 3mm Vaubanesque Covered Way, right hand side (3mm)


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This pack contains one Vaubanesque covered way, right handed piece.

The covered way section is 160mm long, 32mm deep at the base and 5mm high. The parapet is 3mm high. It needs a left sided covered way (BV412) to complete a redoubt defence.

A covered way is designed as the final protection for a Vaubanesque fort. It consists of a low parapet angled to deflect cannon shot and protect infantry behind the parapet. The covered way would have block points along its front in case an enemy broke into the defences at a different point. There were firing parapets which could be defended to drive the enemy back out. Because of this, a covered way did not need to extend all the way around a wall but sometimes only covered vulnerable sections such as gates or redoubts.

We have designed these buildings to work with our 3mm figures and to take 40mm x 20mm bases on their walls. They are designed in CAD and the masters are printed on a 3D printer.