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Covenant Core Battle Group Upgrade


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The contents of this boxed set can be used by Covenant players to either upgrade their Halo: Fleet Battles force with additional medium and small firepower or act as the foundation for a new force. At the heart of the upgrade box are two powerful CCS-class Battlecruisers and they are joined by 12 SDV Heavy Corvettes, acting as a fantastic core addition to any Covenant fleet. CCS-class Battlecruisers are a key part of any Covenant fleet, able to lay down devastating weapons fire when needed and capable of delivering bombers or interceptors directly into the heart of a battle. Also in the box are Formation Bases and Ship Overlay Sheets for all models included.

  • 14 Highly-detailed Plastic Ship Models
  • 2 Base Formation Sprues (8 Bases in all)
  • 3 Ship Overlay Sheets (18 Ship Overlays)
  • 2 Token Sheets
  • 2 Statistics Sheets
  • 1 Assembly Guide