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(15mm) CRL8 Carolingian Levy Spearmen



This pack contains eight figures in a mix of four poses.

In the late sixth century the Merovingian monarchs introduced a new element into their military; the local levy. A levy consisted in all the able-bodied men of a district who at the call had to report for military service. The Saxons, Alemanni and Thuringii were all subject to it as well and could be depended upon by the Frankish monarchs until the mid-seventh century. These conscripted spearmen, with little training and poor quality equipment represent a very cost effective alternative to elite troops for fulfilling secondary roles.

Additional Information

Date from 639
Date to 888
Bases per pack No
Base description No
Figures per pack No
Base Size 1 No
Price of book and army No
Rule System No

CRL8 Carolingian Levy Spearmen