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15BUA Biblical City Set (15mm)

This set includes everything you need to put a fantastic looking built up area on your table. The set is composed of stand alone elements that can be arranged in many different ways, giving you the maximum flexibility of use. It can form a U-shaped closed area, perfect when used against a table corner and will cover an area of roughly 185mm x 230mm leaving a 120mm x 120mm space inside.

Used in line, for example to cut a table corner or a promontory, will be approximately 470mm almost half a meter long. Although designed primarily to be used in line, the walls can connect to the towers at an angle using two of the buttresses to hide the unwanted side doors, or placed to the sides of the tower using the buttress to close the wall section. You may want to cut the buttresses shorter to use them in this way and there is a spare pair just for that reason. 

This pack contains:

1x barred gate (5 pieces),
2x line towers (2 pieces),
2x straight walls (2 pieces) and 
1x small building and 4x straight buttresses.


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1x 15BTS,
2x 15TOW-a,  
2x 15WAL-a,
1x 15TRY and
1x 15GAT-a.