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(15mm) EEC Army - Undead Army for 'Hordes of the Things'

The contents of this 'Hordes of the Things' Skeleton Army are: EEC1 x1 Necromancers, EEC2 x1 Wraiths, EEC3 x1 Chariot, EEC5 x1 Halberdiers, EEC6 x1 Bowmen, EEC7 x1 Command, EEC8 x1 Scythed Skeletons, EEC10 x1 Ghouls, GOB2 x2 Bats and EEC4 x1 Cavalry.


EEC1 x1,
EEC2 x1,
EEC3 x1,
EEC5 x1,
EEC6 x1,
EEC7 x1,
EEC8 x1,
EEC10 x1,
GOB2 x2 and
EEC4 x1.

Additional Information

Date from No
Date to No
Bases per pack No
Base description No
Figures per pack No
Base Size 1 No
Price of book and army No
Rule System Hordes of the Things