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ESR XEML AU002 Austrian Heavy Kavallerie Division (Early-Mid-Late War) Attachment Pack (10mm)


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During the Early War the Austrians commonly parcelled out their cavalry to their infantry Formations, breaking up large Formations of cavalry and attaching them to infantry brigades. Kuirassiers were the exception to this. The heavy cavalry were predominately held in a mass reserve, but it was not until the Mid War that these Formations were effectively used as a mass shock element similar to the French model.

This Austrian Formation Includes everything necessary to assemble an Austrian Heavy Kavallerie Division for the Early (1804-1807), or Mid War (1808-1812).

One Austrian Heavy Kavallerie Division
• One Austrian Formation Commander
• Nine Kuirassier Squadrons
• One Reformation Area

• Three Kuirassier Flags

• One 20mm round Base
• Nine 30x30mm Bases
• One 30x90mm Base

Approximately 44 metal 10mm (1:160 scale) figures with bases and flags.

Product designed for use with ESR Second Edition, may be compatible with other game systems but compatibility is not intended by design.

Additional Information

Date from 1815
Date to 1815
Rule System Colours and Guns