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ESR XXML FR005 French Dragon Division (Mid-Late War) Attachment Pack (10mm)


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The demand for flexible cavalry to handle both scouting and recon, as well as perform the role of battlefield shock force fell on the Dragoons. While mostly equipped as heavy cavalry, they lacked the armour of cuirassiers. Conversely, their horses fell at the bottom of priorities below that of both the heavies and the lights. Without the pride and dash of the light cavalry the Dragoon became the 'jack of all trades, master of none' within the French Army. As the Napoleonic Wars progressed, the Dragoons became a majority of the French mounted arm, cheaper to field and arguably more versatile.

This French Formation includes everything necessary to assemble a Mid or Late War French Dragon Division.

French Dragon Division
• One French Formation Commander
• Nine Dragon Squadrons
• One 6-pdr Horse Artillery Battery
• One Reformation Area

• One 20mm round Base
• Ten 30x30mm Bases
• Two 30x90mm Bases

Approximately 56 metal 10mm (1:160 scale) figures with bases and flags.

Product designed for use with ESR Second Edition, may be compatible with other game systems but compatibility is not intended by design.

May contain lead and small parts, not suitable for children under 14. Contents may differ from photos provided here. Provided unpainted and unassembled.

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Date from 1815
Date to 1815
Rule System Colours and Guns