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Et Sans Resultat! Master of the World, Volume 1, 1812 in Russia


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Et Sans Resultat! is a set of Napoleonic table top wargames rules from The Wargaming Company LLC.

It is aimed at Corps level and above. While the smallest unit on the table is a battalion or squadron, combat and movement is resolved around the larger divisional organisation. This introduces greater elements of command and control (which make for much more interesting wargaming in my view) and encourages Commanders to worry more about reserves and the coherent deployment of divisions rather than the precise angle of deployment of a battalion in line.

Master of the World Phase One, The Invasion, is a campaign guide to the invasion of Russia in 1812. It has a detailed guide to the actions of 1812 in Russia, up to and including Borodino, along with a detailed guide to the uniforms not only of different unit types but different regiments as well. This includes information on the uniforms of musicians, Officers, elite companies and so on. For example, you get a break down of the uniforms worn by each of the different French Chasseur a Cheval regiments including the Officer and trumpeter uniforms.

Those of you who are familiar with our range of 10mm Napoleonic figures will have an idea of just how much we are into the Napoleonic Wars at Magister Militum. The first day we got this supplement through, lunch was a rather extended affair as we studied uniforms and planned the expansion of armies. A real motivator!