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Et Sans Resultat! Roll up that Map, 1805 in Germany


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Et Sans Resultat! is a set of Napoleonic table top wargames rules from The Wargaming Company LLC.

It is aimed at Corps level and above. While the smallest unit on the table is a battalion or squadron; combat and movement is resolved around the larger divisional organisation. This introduces greater elements of command and control (which make for much more interesting wargaming in my view) and encourages Commanders to worry more about reserves and the coherent deployment of divisions rather than the precise angle of deployment of a battalion in line.

Roll up that Map, 1805 in Germany; The Ulm & Austerlitz Campaigns is the second campaign guide.

A series of small but pivotal engagements around the Ulm region allowed Napoleon to cut off nearly all routes of escape from Ulm and strategically surround the city. The Austerlitz Campaign is arguably Napoleon’s most effective campaign, culminating in one of the greatest successful gambles of military history. It is the campaign which introduced La Grande Armée to the world, a highly trained, highly motivated, flexibly organized military system which was the culmination and extension of military evolution to date. 

Roll up that Map includes everything you need to begin recreating both phases of Napoleon's brilliant 1805 German campaign: organization, maps, historical briefings and uniforms. Two campaigns, Nine scenarios, Twenty-seven maps and over 650 uniform images! 

Those of you who are familiar with our range of 10mm Napoleonic figures will have an idea of just how much we are into the Napoleonic Wars at Magister Militum. The first day we got this supplement through, lunch was a rather extended affair as we studied uniforms and planned the expansion of armies. A real motivator!