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Et Sans Resultat! We Shall Meet In Vienna, 1813 in Germany


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Et Sans Resultat! is a set of Napoleonic table top wargames rules from The Wargaming Company LLC.

It is aimed at Corps level and above. While the smallest unit on the table is a battalion or squadron, combat and movement is resolved around the larger divisional organisation. This introduces greater elements of command and control (which make for much more interesting wargaming in my view) and encourages Commanders to worry more about reserves and the coherent deployment of divisions rather than the precise angle of deployment of a battalion in line.

The new campaign book for ESR covers the 1813 in Germany up to the Armistice.

Nine Battles | And all 'em Big Ones

In 1813 even the small actions were big. We shall meet in Vienna offers nine scenarios, covering eight battles. Even the smallest would be considered a major engagement in an earlier campaign.







Großbeeren & Blankenfeld

1st Kulm

A Complete Guide | To Over 1500 Uniforms

The early campaigns of 1813 involved nearly a half million men, organized into hundreds of regiments, from four major nations and close to another dozen minor states.

We've all prepared and organized the forces for a large battle only to realize that none of our reference materials show us the uniform of that one last regiment.

Tracking down the Late War uniform of the 3rd Regiment Étranger aka the Irish Legion, or the Würzburg Jägers zu Pferd, or the mixed facings of Saxony's Converged “Spiegel” Grenadiers, can prove far too difficult.

Never again.

Over 1500 uniform images, detailing every regiment featured in the scenarios. All in one place, for easy reference.

Those of you who are familiar with our range of 10mm Napoleonic figures will have an idea of just how much we are into the Napoleonic Wars at Magister Militum. The first day we got this supplement through, lunch was a rather extended affair as we studied uniforms and planned the expansion of armies. A real motivator!