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FBE104 Fallen Elf Assassins (10mm)


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This pack contains thirty Fallen Elf assassins in three poses. Very few fallen elves are skilled enough to be accepted into the assassins. Those who are will go to any lengths to kill their targets.

The fallen elves are an extremely dangerous race. At some point in the past, lost to human history, something caused the elven city of Na-Teth to go bad. That is not to say that you don't find bad apples among other elves but this city made a conscious and wilful choice to abandon decency and take up the cause of evil.

Elves are among the most skilful of warriors and when they lose all self restraint they are formidable foe.

The noted strategist Lord Marcham wrote of the fallen elves 'if ever you encounter the scouts of the elves who have fallen to the dark kill them before they can bring down hell itself upon you.'. Fallen Elf assassins are dreaded by almost every race.