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FSK107 Wights (10mm)


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This pack contains thirty Wights in three poses.

These are downright nasty, dangerous creatures. They are definitely Undead, although their origin is of some debate. It is claimed by some academics that they are Zombies who have grown powerful on the souls they have eaten (clearly nonsense, Zombies are mindless shamblers). Others have said they are the ghosts of ancient Kings given form (good marks for romantic thought but really, how many old Kings are there?). Perhaps the most sensible suggestion is that they are Zombies made from dead ghouls who have retained their intellect.

Until academics stop reading scrolls in their studies and get out onto a battlefield where Wights are in action the answer may never be known. They instil terror in many of the enemies they face, their touch can leach power from enemy soldiers and their claws have been known to tear through armour.