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FOG2 Generic Fortified Camp (15mm)


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Roman, but effectively used from before Hellenistic times right up the Middle Ages, with only minor differences. Perfect for a Celtic hill fort, a Norman or Dark Age wooden castle or a fantasy stronghold entrance, this set has been designed specifically for being compatible with FOG and DBA family of rules.

The complete kit consists of a base formed by two sections of embankment topped by a timber stockade, separated by a full module frontage (40mm) gap, which is closed by a wooden barred gate of the same frontage. The gate can be easily cut in two along the central groove and mounted open or ajar if you prefer.

This kit includes all the parts required to make a legal 120mm x 80mm Field of Glory camp large enough to hold several elements of troops on the walkway and in the courtyard has plenty of space for baggage, cavalry or artillery.

This pack contains thirteen parts in all. Please note that the kit does not include a base like that shown in the picture. We suggest to use one as it adds strength to the model, but it is not necessary.