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(15mm) GAB1 Artillery Emplacements x2



This pack includes two slightly different 40mm square scenic bases designed for any light artillery from renaissance to ACW.

All gun emplacements since the 18th century were built basically in the same way; a defensive frontal structure was erected using gabions topped by fascines, then the ground was levelled behind it and dirt piled on the outside. A firing platform made from timber ensured that the wheels of the guns did not get stuck in the ground and made it as easy as possible to move and aim the pieces.

Our models are well researched and based on period drawings; they include details like buckets, water barrels and strengthened tool boxes, while leaving as much free space as needed for the gun and its crew.

Overall size is 40mm x 40mm. Does not require assembly, supplied unpainted.

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GAB1 Artillery Emplacements