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GEN21 CA Admiral Hipper (1:2400)


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This pack contains one Armoured Cruiser, the Admiral Hipper.

Hipper was the lead ship in a class of five German Armoured Cruisers. She is named after the First World War German Admiral Hipper.

She saw significant action in Norway, where she sank the British Destroyer Glowworm. She was then used as a surface raider with mixed results. The sortie in February 1941 was relatively successful and several merchant ships were sunk. During the battle of the Barents Sea in December 1942 she sunk the British Destroyer Achates and Minesweeper Bramble but was then damaged by the Light Cruisers Sheffield and Jamaica. The German ships then broke off the engagement much to the disappointment of Hitler.

Following the Barents Sea she was decommissioned and broken up after the war.

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Date from 1939
Date to 1945