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IS14 Magach 6B Gal (1:285)


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This pack contains five Magach 6B Gal.

The Magach series of tanks were upgraded M48 and M60 tanks. The Magach 6B was an upgrade to the M60 tanks supplied to Israel by the USA and Germany. The existing 90mm gun was replaced with the superior 105mm British gun used in the Centurion and early versions of the Chieftain.

The Magach 6 saw extensive service in the Yom Kippur war where it was shown to be vulnerable to Soviet made anti-tank weapons. Reactive armour (a set of explosive panels designed to blow away anti-tank missiles on impact) was fitted to protect against this by the time of its next deployment in the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

The word Magach is a Hebrew word meaning 'ramming hit'.

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Date from 1960
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