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Krieg ohne Hass Rules - War without Hate


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A simple, fast playing set of rules for WW2 to cover Divisional, Corps or Army level combat in 1:200-1:600.

A fast play set of wargames rules for Divisional and Corps level battles using a square gridded tabletop that regulates movement and does away with any micro-measurement. No record keeping required during the game. Specifically designed for more mobile armoured warfare using 1/200th through to 1/600th miniatures. Uses a flexible basing system and only D6 are needed to play.

Take to the battlefield with all your Divisional and Corps assets available and in the right place! A four foot square table gives a battlefield of about 144 square miles in which to exercise all arms tactics in a fast moving and lethal environment to truly test your powers of Generalship!

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Date from 1939
Date to 1945