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GHQ (1:285 vehicles and 10mm figures)

We have over six thousand packs of 1:285 scale figures in stock at any one time. The range spans the Second World War and Modern periods, along with an extensive range of vehicles and aircraft. You won't find better quality models of this scale anywhere, they are the best in class.

Nations covered include Germany, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, United States of America, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Japan, South Africa, France, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq and many, many more.

In 1:285 we also have our own Mainforce range, along with Raiden aircraft. They are close in size to 6mm ranges produced by other companies. In 1:285 scale, a typical modern man at 175cm tall would be represented by a model 6mm high from foot to eye.


If any items are temporarily sold out, you will be notified in your despatch email. Don't worry, we will get you what you want and the products will follow on as soon as new stock arrives on our order cycle. This can take a few weeks because our restock orders do need to be large enough to justify import shipping and taxes.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.