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(10mm) ADW7 Gallic Army, 1000 Points

This 10 mm Gallic Army is suitable for Warmaster Ancients and other systems. It contains the following packs, each pack represents one unit:

GAU10 x1 Gallic Command,

GAU3 x1 Celtic Noble infantry,

GAU4 x9 Warband,

GAU8 x2 Gaesatae, naked warriors,

ANB2 x4 Light javelinmen/skirmishers,

GAU1 x2 Celtic Noble cavalry and

GAU2 x2 Celtic cavalry.




GAU10 x1,

GAU3 x1,

GAU4 x9,

GAU8 x2,

ANB2 x4,

GAU1 x2 and

GAU2 x2.

Additional Information

Date from No
Date to No
Bases per pack No
Base description No
Figures per pack No
Base Size 1 No
Price of book and army No
Rule System Warmaster Ancients and Medieval