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(1:285) JAP020 G4M2 'Betty'



This pack contains one G4M2 'Betty' bomber. The 'Betty' was an effective Japanese long range bomber. It could carry a load of bombs or a torpedo over great distance, being designed for use in the Pacific. The 'Betty' was responsible for sinking the Prince of Wales and Repulse in 1941, forever shaking the myth of the invincibility of heavy capital ships. The 'Betty' did however have a serious vulnerability, it lacked much protection or self-sealing fuel tanks and was easy to shoot down making many 'Betty' missions costly for the pilots.

Additional Information

Date from 1939
Date to 1945
Bases per pack No
Base description No
Figures per pack No
Base Size 1 No
Price of book and army No
Rule System No

JAP020 G4M2 'Betty'