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DWBS52 Blazing Sun Armoured Battle Group (1:1200)


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A majestic sight on the battlefield, the Armoured Battle Groups of the Empire of the Blazing Sun are also a deadly machine of war. Combining all tactical elements in the perfect example of warfare, the duo of a Taka-Ashi Heavy Walker and Ryuo Robot Hover Squid will annihilate anything that stands before them with methodical destruction. Ronin Heavy Walkers, Chi-Ri Medium Tanks and HO-I Medium Bombards work to pin the enemy in place and crush them with coordinated firepower , whilst Bansan Small Walkers and Ke-Ho Small Tanks push on to secure important objectives.

  • 1 Taka-Ashi Class Heavy Walker
  • 1 Ryuo Class Robot Hover Squid
  • 3 Ho-I Class Medium Bombards
  • 3 Chi-Ri Class Medium Tanks
  • 3 Ronin Class Heavy Walkers
  • 4 Bansan Class Small Walkers
  • 8 Ke-Ho Class Small Tanks
  • 3 Zarigani Class Small Naval Robots
  • 2 Line Infantry Tokens
  • 10 SAS Tokens
  • 2 SAW Movement Trays
  • 6 Dice (7mm)
  • 3 Token & Template Sheets (A5)
  • 1 TAC Deck