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(1:1200) DWPE21 Prussian Armoured Group



The Armoured Battle Groups of the Prussian Empire are a sight to behold. Towering Metzger Robots and fearsome Sturmpanzer Land Ships lead columns of BS-3 Bombards and CF-4 Medium Tanks to war with storms of Tesla weaponry lighting their path. Recke Assault Tanks forge ahead with Ritter Assault Tanks and Walze Small Tanks in support, ready to overrun the foe with their deadly payload of elite Assault Infantry.

  • 1 Sturmpanzer Class Land Ship
  • 3 BS-3 Class Medium Bombards
  • 6 CF-4 Class Medium Tanks
  • 10 Walze Class Small Tanks

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DWPE21 Prussian Armoured Group