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(10mm) Planetfall Rule Book - slightly damaged spine



Planetfall is a fast-paced and action packed game of massed 10 mm armoured and infantry conflict set in the Firestorm Armada war-torn galaxy. Devastating tanks, sleek aircraft, crushing artillery, orbital drop-ships and elite infantry forces fight over objectives, each side seeking to achieve their operational objectives at the expense of the other.

The rules use a ugo-igo system, with an activation mechanism based around Helixes – the building blocks of every force. Games are tactical, combat is ferocious and the gameplay engine is built around the established Exploding D6 mechanic, making it fast and intuitive.

Building your army with Helixes gives an enormous flexibility to Commanders as they assemble their Planetfall forces and is designed to let Commanders mobilise their forces onto the tabletop quickly.

Key features of the rules include:

• Flexible Army Lists

• TAC Card Deck rules used to deliver thematic gameplay (deck sold separately)

• Established Spartan Games dice mechanics

• Intuitive and Easy to Master

• Rules for capturing and holding Battlefield Objectives

• And much more…

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Planetfall Rule Book - slightly damaged spine