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MYG22 Mycenaean Galley (15mm)


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This pack contains a single Mycenaean war/trading galley, complete with crew. Most of the model is metal but the hull is cast in resin.

The difference between a trading and war galley in the bronze age world was one of semantics. A Mycenaean galley could be trading one minute, raiding the next. Made famous by the Trojan War, the idea of galleys drawn up on a beach with a wooden horse being built in the background has captured the imagination of many. Actual information on Mycenaean ships is sparse.

This one is loosely based on a drawing of a trading ship on a pottery container. The diagram is confusing and shows a ship that appears to have two fronts. This model draws some conclusions from that to make a functional craft. The model is shown with stowed sail and under oar power. It contains a ship's Captain, rowers, drummer and Helen.

This model has been staring at us every since we purchased Chariot miniatures years ago. Part of it was already cast up but much was still in master format. The ship's hull was made as a master, had then been touched up further, but never put into a production mould.

Over the course of about 10 years we have slowly brought the elements together, made moulds, and most importantly worked out where the different items go. I can't guarantee you that every detail is historically accurate but it is our most logical combination!

Dimensions: length 29cm x height 16cm x 17cm depth oar-to-oar tip.

Additional Information

Date from -1600
Date to -1200
Rule System Fields of Glory