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Napoleonic Starter Pack (1:2400)

This pack is designed to help you get started with Napoleonic Naval gaming. The pack contains ships for two small starter fleets, it is designed to give a British and French fleet (but it serves just as well for British and Spanish). It contains; FN1 x1 (120 gun First Rate), FN2 x1 (100/98 gun First/Second Rate), FN3 x1 (80/74 gun Third Rate), FN4 x4 (74 gun Third Rate), FN5 x1 (74/64 gun Small Third Rate), FN6 x2 (36-40 gun Fifth Rate Frigate) and FN14 x1 (two 20 gun Sloops).


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Contains: FN1 x1, FN2 x1, FN3 x1, FN4 x4, FN5 x1, FN6 x2 and FN14 x1.

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Date from 1750
Date to 1815