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NPEB Prussian Napoleonic Brigade Pack 1792-1807 (15mm)

This is a Prussian Revolutionary or Early Napoleonic War Brigade for 1792-1807 containing;

three packs each of heavy (PRU10 x1, PRU8 x2) and light (PRU9 x1, PRU6 x2) cavalry,
four packs of artillery, guns and gunners (PRU11 x2, NPR32 x2),
twelve packs infantry (PRU2 x3, PRU2 x9),
one pack light independent Grenadiers (PRU3 x1) and
one pack Generals or staff (PRU5 x1).


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PRU10 x1,
PRU8 x2
PRU9 x1,
PRU6 x2,
PRU11 x2,
NPR32 x2,
PRU2 x3,
PRU2 x9,
PRU3 x1 and
PRU5 x1.

Additional Information

Date from 1789
Date to 1798