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Planetfall Aquan Prime Leviathan Helix (10mm)


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The graceful stride of the El-Shami Firepower Leviathan very often spells death to the enemies of Aquan Prime forces. Its sleek lines, excellent manoeuvrability and powerful fore mounted firepower make it a most dangerous opponent that hunts its foes though the blasted battlefields of the Firestorm Galaxy with a predatory hunger. The Leviathan is armed with two deadly Solar Titan Lasers that are capable of eliminating any target in the Firestorm Galaxy with a combination of blistering laser fire and pinpoint accuracy that is unparalleled amongst its contemporaries. In addition to these weapons, the El-Shami has a built-in Nexus Designator that is can use to further increase its damage potential by use of highly effective target locks. The war engine also has a powerful anti-infantry weapon that strikes fear into the hearts of its targets – the Venom Missile System. This prototype weapon is often used on Aquan Ground Attack Aircraft, but not in the numbers mounted on the El-Shami, which fields the system in unprecedented amounts. In addition, the El-Shami is often accompanied by a number of Imzani Light Skimmers, the crews of which are chosen from amongst the best of the Aquan Battle Shoals. These ‘super-elites’ are utterly fearless and provide excellent support to their parent element, both in terms of its raw firepower and tactical flexibility. 1 El-Shami 8 Imzani Light Skimmers Models come unassembled and unpainted