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Planetfall Dindrenzi Heavy Armour Helix (10mm)


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Raw power linked with total manoeuvrability - that is what Dindrenzi Commanders like and what this Helix provides. The Ares Heavy Skimmer's fore-mounted weapon matches the firepower of their dreaded Hyperion Leviathan, and a set of powerful Skorpio Rail Guns may be added to the firepower of its main armament (an impressive 20AD at effective range), while a devastating Kinetic effect means shielded targets are greatly compromised. The hovering Gorgos Tank Hunter is a killing machine armed with an Onager Rail Gun, while the Circe Specialist Skimmer may be used to designate Drop Sites, to attach to Squadrons to provide a powerful targeting advantage, or to boost the CQB of attached Squadrons.

•1 Ares Heavy Skimmer
•3 Gorgos Tank Hunters
•2 Circe Specialist Skimmers
•4 Sky Drop Markers
•4 Dice
•1 Medium Bunker (exact design may vary).