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Planetfall Dindrenzi Federation Core Helix (10mm)


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Inside a Dindrenzi Federation Core Helix, Commanders have access to a large number of skimming hover vehicles that can perform lightning fast hit-and-run attacks against their enemies, allowing them to deliver punishing firepower against their foes before slipping away unseen.

The Dindrenzi Federation excels at extreme, focused aggression exercised along a minimal front using strong Recon Units and Elite Infantry to provide the killer blow.


  • 1 Heavy Skimmer, 
  • 3 Medium Skimmers, 
  • 1 Specialist Skimmer (Designator), 
  • 5 Recon Skimmers, 
  • 2 Drop Pods, 
  • 8 Infantry Bases, 
  • 2 Drop Site Markers & 2 Micro Dice 
  • 1 Medium Bunker
  • Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.