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Planetfall Works Raptor Recon Helix (10mm)


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This Planetfall Allied Expansion Helix allows owners of the Directorate forces from the Battle For Proteus Prime Boxed Set to immediately expand their forces. In the rules up to two Allied Helixes can be added to each Core Helix deployed into the heart of a ground battle.

Works Raptor ground forces are, like their space fleets, all about stabbing the enemy in the heart. The GX-74 ‘Witch’ Interceptors are sleek, fast and deadly, and a match for any aerial foe. The LR-6 Recon Tanks are all about capturing strategic objectives, and then having the fighting prowess to hold on to it. Also included in the Helix is a crashed Works Raptor Escape Pod which can be used as part of a narrative driven scenario, or simply as a Strategic Objective.

3x GX-74 ‘Witch’ Heavy Interceptor,
5x LR-6 Recon Tank and
1x Crashed Escape Pod (60 mm x 40 mm scenic base).

All models are unpainted and unassembled.