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Replica Musket Ball 0.69 inch


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I bought a mould for making musket balls a long time ago on a holiday in France. It was a Napoleonic era mould for a single ball 0.69 inches in diameter. The Maker's mark is Lournel. Musket balls tended to be 10% smaller than the barrel of the musket as it was wrapped in a leather patch before being fired. The mould and balls are the same diameter as balls used by the Browne Bess Musket and others. Once we started Magister Militum I had some fun playing around making musket balls and then put it aside. It recently came to light again and I thought why not offer replica castings for sale? These are cast in lead free pewter and have been finished off (flash removed and the feed from casting cleaned off). They weigh in at 20 grams cast in pewter. A normal musket ball from the mould cast in lead weighs approximately 30 grams. I use the word replica in that it is not a period casting but is a modern lead free copy from an original mould. I hope it goes without saying but this should not be fired from a musket, it is a replica ball for decorative and curiosity purposes only!