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We have 1:1200 scale ships and aircraft (sometimes listed as 1:1250 scale) from the GHQ range (the age of sail/Napoleonic Wars) and Hallmark (the Second World War Coastal range).

The GHQ Napoleonic sailing ships come in versions with fighting sail or full sail. All the main types of ship are included from frigates to 74 gun ships of the line to the Victory, Santisima Trinidad and Bucentaure. Typical ships from each of the major nations are provided but a British, French or Spanish fleet could be built from several different 74 gun ships from different countries. The American Super Frigates are also included, the Constitution (really a cut down or razee battleship and therefore not legally allowed to fire on enemy frigates unless attacked first based on the naval law of the time) and Constellation.

The Hallmark 1:1200 scale range covers British, German and Italian coastal ships along with some Japanese destroyers and most American destroyers or destroyer escorts. Two escort carriers are also included as are lots of merchant ships including Liberty ships. It also includes many aircraft.