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(10mm) FDW301 Dwarf Steam Powered War Cart



This pack contains a single Dwarf steam powered war cart.

Dwarves can be extremely ingenious inventors (they can also be disastrous tinkerers at times). The war cart is an example of this ingenuity.

Technically, it should be too heavy to move but the steam engine not only propels the machine, albeit very slowly, but gives power to an automatic loader for the experimental cannon mounted on the cart. It carries enough armour to protect it from most attacks although dragon fire has proved able to melt through the armour and dwarves into a toastie snack.

It reminds me of Dougal from The Magic Roundabout.

Additional Information

Date from No
Date to No
Bases per pack 3
Base description 1 base 20 x 40 mm
Figures per pack 12
Base Size 1 No
Price of book and army No
Rule System No

FDW301 Dwarf Steam Powered War Cart