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LIZ Army - Lizard Army for 'Hordes of the Things' (15mm)

A Lizard HOTT Army containing the following packs:

LIZ1 x3 Giant War Turtles,
LIZ4 x1 Pterosaur,
LIZ5 x1 Swordsmen,
LIZ6 x1 Lizardmen with Tridents,
LIZ7 x1 Halberdiers,
LIZ8 x1 Lizards with Short Swords,
LIZ9 x1 Swordsmen and
LIZ10 x2 Halberdiers on Therapods.


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LIZ1 x3,
LIZ4 x1,
LIZ5 x1,
LIZ6 x1,
LIZ7 x1,
LIZ8 x1,
LIZ9 x1 and
LIZ10 x2.

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Rule System Hordes of the Things