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SHL2b Macedonian or Successor Phalangites, 16 deep strip (3mm)


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This pack of 3mm figures contains thirty strips of Macedonian or Successor phalangites. Each strip is sixteen men deep to allow you to create a proper full depth Macedonian phalanx. The front row have spear level, the second and third row have their sarissa at an angle and other ranks have theirs upright.

We have released this code because Richard now has dreams about painting up an 8,000 strong Macedonian Phalanx on a one to one scale. It may be a bit unwieldy for wargaming, if so, then the shorter depth pikemen may be more sensible.

The Macedonian and Successor phalanx acted as the anvil on which the companion cavalry could break the enemy. While the phalanx is cumbersome it is extremely hard to break from the front. It took flank and or rear attacks or another phalanx to break them.

Additional Information

Date from -105
Date to -25